Kindergarten Here We Come!



Kindergarten Here We Come...

At MGLC our goal is to help prepare your child to successfully and confidently enter kindergarten. The Creative Curriculum for Preschool® focuses on the total child, bringing together learning in social emotional, physical, language and cognitive development. It includes phonological awareness, phonics, math, science, Spanish, sign-language, creative arts and music, with endless opportunities for choice, problem solving and creativity. Concepts such as math, science and literacy become more advanced in our pre-kindergarten classroom. 

Our preschool classrooms are designed so children have the flexibility for choices, with learning centers clearly identified to help children transition with ease throughout their day. Teachers email parents each week, keeping them informed on upcoming projects, events and program highlights. A daily schedule is also posted on the parent board so you know what the day entails. Consistent communication is key to your child's success at school. Parent-teacher conferences are held twice a year. February and May. During conference time, teachers will be prepared to discuss with you your child's developmental progress, based on the goals and objectives of The Creative Curriculum for Preschool®. We encourage parents to attend conference time so you know how your child is progressing towards kindergarten readiness. 

As the school year comes to an end, and the summer program soon begins, a formal cap and gown graduation ceremony is held in June, here at the center. During our graduation ceremony, children will showcase what they have learned throughout their time here at MGLC. 

Early Learning Highlights...

  • Handwriting Without Tears (HWT)
  • Jolly Phonics
  • Reading readiness
  • Mathematics
  • Cooking projects
  • Journals
  • Phonological awareness
  • Phonics
  • Science
  • Dramatic play
  • Music/movement
  • Sensory exploration
  • Art
  • Community awareness
  • Second language _ Spanish and sign-language
  • Social skills
  • Help strengthen children's self-esteem and self-confidence

Enrichment Program...


Enrichment programs are woven into our daily curriculum to ensure our students have well-balanced early childhood experiences which include; gardening, cooking, cultural diversity, dance, music, Spanish  and sign-language. 

Fun in the Dirt...

Gardening helps children learn many valuable lessons about where our food comes from. From selecting their vegetables and flowers, to learning about compost and earth worms, children learn how to be responsible by caring and nurturing for their garden. As children put their investigative skills to work, they learn what is needed to keep their plants growing strong and what is needed to keep them thriving. Children are naturally fascinated in seeing their food when it's time to harvesting their crops, and they begin to notice similarities and differences from their garden vegetables and the produce from the grocery store. 

Our Little Chef...

Cooking with students is a great way to expand children's basic math, science, reading and sensory exploration skills. it also helps build children's social skills as they work cooperatively with their classmates. Many of our ingredients come right from the children's garden, incorporating healthy food choices and recipes into our cooking projects.

Spanish & Sign-Language...

Students are introduced to Spanish and sign-language beginning in our Jr. Preschool classroom. New words are introduced during group time, then reinforced throughout the day as children are naturally engaged in play.

Cultural Diversity...

At MGLC, we feel it is important to teach children to embrace and respect diversity, and there are many ways we embrace different cultures in our program, such as; music, preparing different foods, clothing, stories, language and art. As we incorporate various different aspects of diversity into our studies, children will learn and embrace the fact that people are not all the same, learning to value the things that make each of us unique.


Once a week, a dance instructor provides dance lessons for children 3-5 years-old. Dance lesson's will be held in our gymnasium. At the end of the semester there will be a dance recital so students can showcase their talent. Dance lesson's are a separate fee and paid directly to the dance instructor.